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Commercial Property Insurance Beaverton OR – Coverage Scenario Part 19

In part 18 of our continuing story, Buck was in a sticky situation.

He was stuck in a warehouse where the water levels we rising quite quickly and he began to fear for his life with no way to call for help because his cell phone died.

Just when he was beginning to despair, he heard the sound of a motor boat in the waters outside.

He flickered the warehouse’s lights to draw the boaters’ attention. The plan worked. The boaters turned out to be the local fire department’s fire and rescue team, and Buck was saved.

Now that Buck is out of harm’s way, he has to reckon with the reality of the loss of his store’s merchandise.

Buck seems to recall that flood damage is not a covered form of loss according to his commercial property insurance policy, and he never purchased standalone flood insurance. Still, he goes ahead and files a claim, anyway.

So, will Buck’s catastrophic losses due to flood damage be reimbursed?

As it turns out, it might be!


According to Buck’s policy, if property is damaged after being moved in order to avoid a covered form of loss, the loss might be covered.

So, even though flooding is not a covered cause of loss, the only reason the property was damaged by a flood at all is because Buck moved it to avoid a fire in the first place.

Since fire is a covered form of loss, then the damage to the moved merchandise may very well be covered.

Whether that outcome is what you expected or not, it’s always a good idea to get to know more about the insurance policies you purchase.

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