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Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers is a Washington State Independent Insurance Agency. What that means to you as a real estate investor is choice; Choice is a good thing.

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Vancouver Wa Landlord Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 3

In our last article, which you can read by clicking this link: Landlord Insurance Tacoma Washington, we found Ted Lowkey purchasing an insurance policy for his newly acquired apartment building.

Ted, due to his frugal nature, decided to purchase the Basic Causes of Loss Landlord Policy Form, which only provides coverage for a limited number of claim events.

Ted insisted on purchasing this policy because he doesn’t think anything would ever actually happen. More importantly – to Ted, at least – is the pricing. The Basic Causes of Loss Landlord Policy Form is the least expensive option available for commercial building insurance.

Though his agent counseled him to think about that decision carefully, especially considering the age of the building, Ted went ahead with purchasing the Basic Causes of Loss Landlord Policy Form.

Several months pass and everything is going well for Ted. His real estate investment is paying off and he also enjoys hanging around with his tenants. Being somewhat of a free spirit himself, as well as a part-time musician, Ted feels right at home fraternizing with the many painters, poets, and pianists that live in or frequent his building.

Ted also shares one of the apartments with one of his tenants, Jazzy Hampton, on the first floor.

One night, as Ted is asleep and dreaming of living in a tropical paradise, a storm begins in his dream. It starts to rain. The dream is so real to Ted that he feels the gentle pitter-patter of rain drops falling all over his body.

“How refreshing!” he thinks to himself.

Before long, Ted realizes he is no longer dreaming. In fact, he actually is soaking wet!

After staggering out of his bed he looks around, confused and rubbing sleep from his eyes. He looks up as water continues to pelt him from above. He quickly sees that water is free flowing from the ceiling, much like the gentle pitter patter of rain drops falling from the darkened skies in his dream.

“That can’t be good…” Ted says aloud as he continues to stare at the ceiling.

He hears an ominous groaning sound. Because Ted is still a bit confused about what is happening he barely jumps out of the way in time as the ceiling above gives way and a bathtub that was situated directly above Ted’s apartment in the men’s bathroom crashes down into his bedroom!

What will happen next? Find out in Part 4 by clicking Landlord Insurance Bellevue.

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Apartment Buildings

Do you own apartments and/or condominiums? Whether you need coverage for a few units, an apartment building, or an entire complex, Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers can provide you with great coverage options to suit your needs. Start by giving us a call at 1-800-228-8291 and speaking to a licensed commercial property insurance professional today. From there we can provide you with information and a free estimate.

Rental Units

Looking to insure single family rental homes? From cottages to bungalows, Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers can help you find an insurance policy that is both affordable and comprehensive. Call us today at 1-800-228-8291 and speak with an insurance agent to start your free quote on single family rental coverage.

Office Buildings

Do you own office buildings and business complexes? Are you searching for better rates and coverage on commercial property insurance for your office buildings? If so then call the commercial property insurance agents of Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers today. As an independent brokerage we can find you the best pricing and coverage available on the market today. Contact us at 1-800-228-8291 to begin your free office building insurance quotes over the phone.

Strip Malls

Do you own a mall, strip mall, shopping center, or other related commercial property? For great rates on commercial insurance for your properties call Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers today at 1-800-228-8291. One of our licensed agents will get you started with a free commercial property insurance quote over the phone.

Hotels and Motels

Looking for commercial property insurance to cover your hotel and/or motel properties? Through our insurance partners, Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers offers excellent rates on property insurance to cover your hotel and motel building exposures. Dial 1-800-228-8291 today to talk to one of our experienced property insurance agents and begin your free quotes right now.


Are your warehouse properties in need of a comprehensive commercial property insurance policy? If so, call the commercial property insurance experts at Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers. Our licensed staff would be happy to assist you with your property insurance needs. Call us toll-free at 1-800-228-8291 to speak with an agent today and get started on your free warehouse insurance quotes.

Vacant Properties

Do you have vacant properties currently in need of insurance protection? To find the best commercial property insurance options available, contact the agents of Duncan and Associates Insurance Brokers today. Give us a call at 1-800-228-8291 during normal business hours and chat with a licensed commercial property insurance agent for free quotes and information on vacant property insurance.