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Landlord Insurance Eugene Oregon

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Eugene Oregon Landlord Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 13

In Part 12 of our coverage scenario, Buck continued driving through the pouring rain and made his way to the warehouse by the river.

Recall that the reason Buck is endeavoring to reach the warehouse is that his clothing store’s entire stock of merchandise is currently being housed there and is in danger of being totally destroyed by the rising flood waters.

Buck finally reached the location of the warehouse. Let’s find out what he sees when he gets there:

Buck doesn’t even recognize the river when he sees it. The water has risen so high that the area looks more like a small lake than anything resembling a river.

“That can’t be good,” Buck mutters to himself as he winds his way along the road.

Eventually he reaches a point in the street where the flooding is so high that he can no longer risk driving his car any further, lest he end up stalling out the car.

He parks the car at a high point, then looks around for a way to reach the warehouse without needing to wade through three feet of water the whole way.

Since he’s near a river, he figures there must be a boat somewhere nearby. A moment later, he spots a small, overturned row boat tied to a submerged dock.

He trudges through the murky waters, unties the rope, and climbs into the boat.

Thankfully, there’s an oar tucked into the side of the boat’s interior.

He wrestles the oar free and uses it to paddle in the direction of the warehouse. Soon, he paddles his way around a bend and sees the warehouse for the first time.

The water has definitely reached the structure, but he can’t yet tell how high it is.

All he can do for now is keep on rowing through the rain and hope for the best.

What will Buck find inside the warehouse? Check in next time to see for yourself.

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